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There's something so profoundly creative in this, I watched the whole thing, and I stopped myself a couple times to ask myself why. There's a potato chip effect with this, even though it's just yoshi genocide torture porn I kept watching to see what would come up with the next one. Something about it being made in Mario Paint and recorded on a VHS makes this feel like a real relic, fucking Hell, this series of animations is literally older than I am. I find it's very unique overall.

is is a real mixed lot...! Good work, everyone who worked on it.

My personal favourite was the second segment, it was interesting and simple.

The first one... Not at all my favourite! The anti-favourite, actually. D: I feel like the first one went on WAY too long, made no coherent sense, and honestly the lense flares just hurt too look at.
It felt like there was meant to be some pre-existing story in that one that I just didn't know; It almost felt like it was some kind of alternate universe, with how much it felt like there was a plot there that we didn't know about?
Also, smaller nitpick, the subtitles... Use a better font. People would probably prefer that you can read the subtitles than they're in a "swirly" font...!

The first segment seemed like...
A bad choice for the first one to be shown, you know what they say about first impressions.
It gave me an idea of how the collab would be that was disprove by the other flashes, but there would probably be people who see the first one, don't want to sit through it, and click away or vote low, without seeing the rest of it.

But again, good work, it's obvious there was a lot effort put into this! I hope everyone who worked on this is proud of what they made. (That's not sarcasm, either!)

StaticSkull responds:

Thank you

Damnn, this was uploaded like 10 years ago, but it's still hilarious as hell to me.

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this is so cute, i totally adore the menhera aesthetic so i'm maybe a little bias here.
it would've been better with a snap-to-place feature for all of the pieces so they line up easier, but you already addressed the game's old and you're not interested in working further on it/changing anything.

anyways, i think it's a fun little dress up game and you gave us lots of cute options to work with!! thank you for the upload!!

Loved this game! It's so cute and touching. There's so much personality displayed here. The message being conveyed came across perfectly. The only thing a little meh about it would be how easy it is to get stuck and bump people over and over in less than a second, causing them to get upset, butttt, this too helps convey the feeling of being an over-excited, hyperactive girl trying to not disturb the people on the train. No matter how hard you try not to, doing this sort of thing in public is bound to upset somebody caught in the background of a photo with someone else, and if you're on a crowded train, you'll bump into people whether you want to or not! Really refreshing and cute game that doesn't overstay it's welcome in the slightest.

Thank you so much for the port, if not for sharing the game here, I never would have seen it for myself <3

I also got this pretty funny glitch where after taking a selfie with a couple old people, they got upset and wandered through the right side of the screen and got stuck. The old man was stuck there until the end of the game lol. https://gyazo.com/487229a8ce5cf9fdb0b4b8d093a35177

OmarShehata responds:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I love that I've learned so much about this game just by this act of recreating it and sharing it. I never even thought about the inevitability of annoying others that way.

I've contemplated trying to fix the floating people bug but so many people seem to be getting a kick out of it at this point!

Haha, nice! I completed this in less than 6 hours (which probably was too fast for an idle game) and had a blast.

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she can take my boba order any day 😍💕

what a super cute face!

HueGhost responds:

Thanks a lot! 💝💝💝

really nice!! this lineless style feels so soft and cozy, things are simple but it really works with the kind of scene you're conveying, i'm a big fan of this!

BubblyBlueJelly responds:

Ahhhhhhhhh Thank you so much!! I really love texture brushes so I'm trying to put in more practice with them ^^

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