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sneel's News

Posted by sneel - May 3rd, 2019

You open a tin labelled "corned beef," you get corned beef... You click a news post titled "commission info," it's what you get.

I use Newgrounds as a reliable gallery for my art since Twitter isn't the best for it, thumb through my gallery if you want. If you need specific examples [ie, of colouring or line styles,] just contact me and I can provide as many as you need. :]

To contact me most reliably for your inquiries, questions, or for further examples, you'd be best off to message me through Discord [sneel#2376], though you can also DM me on here or through Twitter [@sneel_ or @sneel_hs] Thank you! :] If there's anything not addressed on the sheets, I'm open to your questions.

Cheers! My pricing sheets are embedded below. My examples are all Homestuck fanart, but I'll draw whatever you want.


A few examples of my art, a couple of which are commissions [#2, #3], from this year [2019]:



Posted by sneel - February 6th, 2019

In my last post I aired some grievances about a weird issues with getting my art to post to the site, everything's good now though! Thanks so much Tom and PsychoGoldfish, I'm glad the people running NG are cool like this, I've never used a site where staff actually cared about randoms like me running into bugs.

Really happy to be able to upload my art again 🤘


Posted by sneel - February 1st, 2019

keep getting this error every time i try to post my art: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/386993919939837972/540769659566161921/unknown.png

tried it with multiple files, experimented with other fields that might be causing it to deny the upload. none go over the 2GB limit [my art averages at about 1-3MB at most]

listen i love newgrounds and i was feeling optimistic about the layout changes even though i personally don't like, say, what's been done to the tagging thing [clicking a button every time you want to add a new tag instead of just filling out fields is so much less intuitive!!] because i realise that newgrounds has barely changed in years and maybe it is time for it to play catch-up with the rest of the internet, but never in my life have i had an issue with newgrounds not accepting a file.

i'm going to check back later and see if this isn't some issue with the server or something that's blocking my upload, i've been a fan of this site since i was a kid and i really want to support it and keep posting my art here, honestly...
uploading art to NG is already a slower process than it is to twitter/DA overall and i'm fine with that, but if there's going to be a bunch of random hoops to jump through to get my art to post from now on then maybe it's  soon time i seek different pastures.



Posted by sneel - January 15th, 2019


considering i just post really niche homestuck shit and OCs, i'm surprised that so many people still like my art.
thank you for the support! i hope to improve and expand over 2019. i just turned 18 a couple days ago, and i finished my last year of highschool late last year, so until i find a job i'll have lots of time to just NEET it up and draw.

i also hit 100 watchers on deviantart today, for some reason my watchers there and followers here are always 1:1 with eachother... it's weird.
anyways, thanks again! ✌⭐🌹

- sneel


Posted by sneel - December 19th, 2018


Posted by sneel - December 14th, 2018

i'm taking a mental health break from social media today. will be back tomorrow. if not, i'll update the post.
going to be stepping away from newgrounds, twitter, deviantart, flarping, and my regular discord servers today.

i'm still online and responsive to DMs, if you need me, or even have a milquetoast wish to talk with me, my discord tag is Mega!#2376 [heart emoji]

new update: i just got told i have a family member's court hearing in two days, i might be around less between now and tuesday, thanks for your understanding. hopefully, i'll be back to posting art tomorrow at least 🙌🙏

new[er] update: im an impatient bastard. art upload heaven now

Posted by sneel - December 10th, 2018


idk what the fuck i'm doing

hope you like homestuck ocs my good bitch

Posted by sneel - November 22nd, 2018

i'm dragging my friends into NG........ :>


Posted by sneel - November 17th, 2018

sorry for the spam, i was up all night drawing things yesterday.

Posted by sneel - September 22nd, 2018